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If you have a question, comment or suggestion for our technical support, sales, public relations, or other departments, please feel free to get in touch with us. To share your thoughts about the Gadwin Systems website, please use one of the feedback forms below:

Submit a Bug Report Form - for report and bug reports

Ask Us a Question Form - for technical questions, comments, suggestions.

Submit a Feature Request Form - for request for a feature.


If you didn't receive your registration key in a reasonable amount of time (usually two business days for credit card transactions, two weeks for all other payments), please click here

You can e-mail us directly at: - sales-related questions. - technical questions. - documentation feedback and suggestions. - web-related questions. - all other questions.

or by FAX : +1(347)412-28-94 (USA).


If you are a magazine/newspaper editor or software reviewer, please feel free to review our software. We will publish your review on our site and give a link back to your site. Please contact us if you need additional materials for the reviewing purpose.

It is highly desirable that you use a feedback form rather than send an e-mail message if you have a technical question. Be sure that to give us the correct e-mail address: otherwise, we won't be able to answer your question.


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