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DiagramStudio users can download and use the additional libraries of symbols provided on this Web page. DiagramStudio 2.0 or higher is required. See also the new libraries from our users!

Download and using the additional libraries


In Internet Explorer, click on the underlined link of the library you wish to download.


In the dialog box that is displayed, select "Save this file to disk" and click OK. (Netscape Navigator users need to have Navigator version 6. Right-click on the link and click Save Link As...).


In the Save As dialog box, select a folder on your hard disk. The file of the library will be copied into this folder. Any folder or hard drive is OK. The name of the folder is shown to the right of the words "Save in:." Write down where you are saving library so you can find it later.


To open library choose File->Open->Library, choose the library you want to open, and then click OK.



Diagram Studio Additional Libraries

Electrical Components

Electrical Components.dsl

(80 KB)

This library includes 37 Electrical symbols.

Integrated Circuit Componets

Integrated Circuit Componets.dsl

(70 KB)

This library includes 36 Integrated Circuit symbols.

Logic Gates

Logic Gates.dsl

(56 KB)

This library includes 35 Logic Gates symbols.

Countries flags (A-C).dsl

(340 KB)

Afghanistan - Czech Republic (In alphabetic order).

Countries flags (D-J).dsl

(300 KB)

Denmark - Juan de Nova Island (In alphabetic order).

Countries flags (K-R).dsl

(380 KB)

Kazakhstan - Rwanda (In alphabetic order).

Countries flags (S-Z).dsl

(320 KB)

Saint Helena - Zimbabwe (In alphabetic order).

Traffic (Road Signs).dsl

(106 KB)

This library includes 50 traffic signs.

Traffic (Roads).dsl

(31 KB)

This library includes 21 roads symbols.


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