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Add Text.

You can add two types of text to a DiagramStudio diagram — independent text and text associated with a symbol. Independent text, such as a title or comment, is an independent Text Block, not associated with any symbol. Text associated with a symbol, or text you type in a symbol, moves with a symbol. Adding both types of text is as easy as clicking and typing. And moving the text is as easy as clicking and dragging.


DiagramStudio symbols are designed so that you can add text to them. Just double-click a symbol and type. After you add text to a symbol, the text becomes part of the symbol, which means it moves with the symbol. Just drag the symbol, and the text moves with it. DiagramStudio automatically zooms in on the symbol so you can see the text more easily as you type or format it.

You can also add independent text that's not associated with any symbol — such as titles and comments — to a diagram. Then you can move independent text, also called a text block, the same way you move any other symbol. In fact, an independent text block is really just a symbol with no line or fill.
To add a text block to a drawing:
1.    On the Home tab, in the Insert group, click Text Box.
2.    Click anywhere in the document, and then drag to draw the text box.


After you add text to a symbol or independent text to the drawing, you can format it — italicize it, underline it, center it, and so on. You can use the text formatting buttons n the Text group on the Home tab, or you can use the formatting options in the Properties window. 



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